Privacy Policy for Athena's Unit Converter

Jepo Studios, LLC - Last updated May 3, 2015

This privacy policy aims to describe what information Athena's Unit Converter ("Athena") may collect while using it, as well as to describe the impact Athena may have on your mobile or wifi data usage. Athena is created by Jepo Studios, LLC ("Jepo Studios", "We").

Significant changes to this privacy policy will be noted on the Athena app description and posted here.

What information does Jepo Studios collect?

Athena reports application telemetry data to Firebase - an application analytics and support console. Data include: You can turn off telemetry data at any time in the application's Settings screen.

We do not collect any personal information through Athena.

What information does the ad provider collect?

Athena uses AdMob for displaying mobile advertisements. AdMob may collect certain information, such as device type, IP address, and geolocation via IP address.

See AdMob's policies for more information.

Athena may periodically send telemetry data to Firebase, if telemetry data is enabled.

Does Athena send or receive any data over the Internet?

Data may be sent to and from AdMob while delivering ads on the main Athena screen.

When you access Currency conversions within Athena, Athena will download the most recent exchange rates from the European Central Bank or Blockchain. Athena will download exchange rates at most once per hour (about 2KB per request) when you try to convert Currency values. This happens only while you're using Athena; this does not occur "in the background" while you're not using Athena.


We try our best to make sure all conversions are accurate. However, sometimes mistakes are made. As a result, do not base financial and other important life decisions based solely on the conversions done through Athena.

Jepo Studios cannot guarantee the accuracy of exchange rates. You should confirm current rates before taking any action based on the information provided here. Currency rates from European Central Bank.

Jepo Studios is not liable for any damages done through the use of Athena.